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Lynch Legacy Recognized for 50 Years!!

On the last day of February, the 28th, of 2022, Lynch Legacy Realty Group received Celebratory Recognition from Parker County, presented by Judge Pat Deen. This Celebratory Recognition was presented in celebration of their 50th Anniversary as a business. This was only the second recognition of such from Judge Pat Deen in his tenure.

In February of 1972, Roy and Jan Lynch, along with Jerry Stockon, opened Lynch Real Estate in Aledo, Texas. Over 30+ years, they led their team to many awards, high honors, and sales in and around Parker County.

Seeing the brand grow and understanding that the Legacy needed to be continued, Stacy Lynch and her husband Darryl Evans along with Dani Doak Sessom, Stacy's daughter, purchased the family business in 2017. This birthed the current Lynch Legacy Realty Group. A commitment to honor the family brand and business and soar to the next level of service through hard work and dedication to their clients and customers.

Currently standing at 40 agents, Lynch Legacy Realty Group pledges integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness to their team paired with the commitment of success for each and every agent. With over 255 years of combined real estate experience, Stacy Lynch and her team are passionate about carrying on the Legacy set forth by Roy and Jan Lynch.

That Legacy is Loving God, Family, and Community more than you love yourself.

Lynch Legacy would like to thank not only Pat Deen and all of Parker County, but also everyone that has crossed paths with the legacy built by Lynch Real Estate over all these years. It's an amazing accomplishment, but they are more touched by the impact that each client has on their lives over the course of business. The relationships are what matter in the end after all.

Congratulations to Lynch Legacy Real Estate Group for Celebrating your 50 Year Anniversary!!

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