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Congratulations to Aaron Valencia for capping with Lynch Legacy eXp Realty Group

Congratulations to Aaron Valencia on being a capped agent with The Lynch Legacy Realty Group and eXp! Many thanks to all the clients who trusted Aaron with the huge decision on buying and selling their homes with #TheAGameAgent!

Learn more about a capped agent with eXp.

Aaron brings charm, strength, and grit. Aaron has an excellent work ethic and strives for greatness every day. He's a warrior in the industry and will go to any lengths to ensure the satisfaction and success of his clients and team alike.

In his spare time, Aaron is a family man. His favorite thing to do with his best friend, aka his wife Sparkle, is watch his kids compete on and off the field for the #aledobearcats!! He was born in Texas and loves Parker County for the small town feel, especially the way the community bonds together to support one another. He's a big supporter of Bistro 1031 and bleeds orange and black. What more could you ask for??

Thank you Aaron for representing Lynch Legacy well and good luck to everything that 2022 has in store for you and your family! Also thank you to eXp Realty for providing us with the tools to make our agents the most successful in the industry!!

Reach out to us today if you're ready to 'Join The Legacy.'

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